Greens Brushing

This week we brushed the greens to remove the grain.  I define grain as being extra leaf growth that is lying down in a direction that is usually in relation to the position of the sun.  In some cases this can effect ball roll and it is responsible for every putt that Johnny Miller missed in his career.  

We use a brush from T.I.P. that is pulled behind a utility vehicle as shown.  The brush stands the grass upright and we then mow the green after.  This is similar to what your barber does when you get your hair cut.  After brushing this week, we received 2-3 times the amount of grass clippings than usual.  

The darker side is standing up and
the lighter side has been cut off
While we are removing more material from the green surface, it should be noted that for 2-3 days following the brush, green speeds can be slightly slower.  Our machines are extremely sharp and efficient, but there is no way of getting every blade cut after the brush with just one greens mowing.  
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