Another Rescue Owl at Cinnabar Hills

Last week Sunday I received an email from Lee Pauser that stated we were going to be the lucky recipients of another rescue barn owl.  The owl was found in San Jose nested in a palm tree.

The day Lee brought the young owlet, I was asked if I would place the owlet in the box while Lee took pictures.  I wasn't prepared for that, but turned out to be pretty cool considering I grew up hating birds.

The owlet was placed in a box with three other young owlets between holes 1 lake and 5 mountain tee.  The idea being that the mother and father would continue to bring food.  I thought we may have a barn owl fight club on our hands, but I am happy to report that all of the owls are doing well after the first week.

You can watch a quick video of me placing the owlet in the box here.

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