Bunkers on the Nines

Notice old bunker sand on  left
Surprisingly I had a lot of questions this past week regarding the status of the bunkers on 9 Lake and 9 Canyon.  Had I realized how many people were excited to have the pleasure to play bunker shots from the new bunkers I may have opened them earlier.  I just assumed everybody liked the nearest point of relief with ground under repair.

9 Lake took 125 tons of sand!
I'm glad to say that they are now open for your bunker hitting pleasure.  As a reminder, with any bunker, please do not exit from the steepest portion of the bunker face.  This pushes all the sand down and also pushes the bunker edge down over time.  The bunkers will also play softer than others because of the new sand so I wouldn't be surprised if there is a fried egg or two.  Enjoy!
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