Once in a Blue Moon

With the hours that a Golf Course Superintendent keeps, it is really to no surprise that many take a strong interest in astrology.  We are up and at it before the sun thinks of rising and there isn't much more peaceful than staring up at a clear sky full of stars. I remember vividly sitting under the stars around 3 am at Cattails Golf Club with Superintendent Doug Palm when I first started in this business.  Life was made to seem pretty easy at that particular point.

That being said, their will be the second full moon of the month which doesn't happen every year.  The last blue moon was in 2009 and our next blue moon will be in 2015. It is somewhat eerie that it just happens to coincide with the passing of Neil Armstrong.  Nonetheless, whether you stay up late to see it or get up early to see it go, go outside and check it out and think back to a simpler time if just for a moment.
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