84" Boxed Coast Live Oak Installation

Yesterday we had the pleasure of receiving an 84" boxed Coast Live Oak tree that our owner Lee Brandenberg picked out a few months back.  It was selected for the wedding patio where we happened to lose a tree similar in size 4 years ago.  This tree will be a major improvement for the aesthetics of the wedding patio and will also provide ample shade for the summer weddings.  

According to the team at Arborwell, the tree we got should have been in a box of at least 120".  Being that the Oak was in its 84" box for what is guesstimated at a minimum of 5 years (18" trunk size!), the wood that made up the box was rotted out.  That meant that we couldn't even pick up the tree with the crane from its original packaging.  The Arborwell team quickly made some new walls using some 3" x 12" bridge planks that we had on-site.  With the new walls up, the tree was easily lifted from the truck and up the hill to its final resting place on the wedding patio.  

I  specifically mention the team of Arborwell so much because I was really impressed with the work they did.  The Arborwell group had a long relationship with the crane operator and the crane operator had worked with the hauler on many other tree installs.  Everybody knew how everybody worked and it couldn't have gone any smoother.  See the time lapsed video of the install below to see just how smooth it went.