Course Vandalism

It has been a while since I had last posted and I was excited to write about something that we are currently working on in the Canyon course.  That excitement ended yesterday when we discovered vandalism on the 4th and 9th green of the Lake course.

I don't know what the product was that was used, but it certainly has left its mark. What I can deduce is that it was most likely some type of pressurized product.  You can tell on 9 lake that the potency definitely decreased as length increased.  There was also an off spray outside of the dead line of turf.  

9 lake is definitely the worst of the two greens and I am currently working on an action plan.  The options are sod or sod at this point. Typically in these situations, the soil also becomes contaminated and makes germination of any new sod impossible.  Before any rash decisions are made, I am having another set of eyes out on the property to help weigh my options.

On 4 lake, if you look closely, there are a lot of green blades among the blackened turf.  I will definitely give this a day or two to show some improvement.  From the looks of it, this may have been the last bit of whatever was in the pressurized container.

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