Putting a Bow on the Project Season

If you are familiar with the TV show Ice Road Truckers, you will understand what I mean when I say that we made a 'dash for the cash' in regards to wrapping up the projects for 2012.  We really lucked out with the great weather we had and got a lot of projects off of the to do list.  Please enjoy the following pictures of what we accomplished.

2 Lake bunker rebuild

4 Canyon bunkers and approach

5 Canyon before
5 Canyon after

The project on 5 Canyon consisted of stripping out all the sod and sand from the bunkers, adding irrigation to the hill in front of the green, removing the coyote bushes from the front and back of the green, and new drainage in the bunkers.   

7 Canyon before
7 Canyon after
7 Canyon concrete route
Prior to Thanksgiving, we were scheduled to replace three slabs around the bridge on 7 Canyon.  When the forecast changed to a 90% chance of rain on the day we were suppose to pour, we cut down the size of the project and poured on Tuesday before the rain.  Los Gatos Concrete did amazing work like last time and some how convinced me that they could take a concrete truck up 9 Canyon and down 7 Canyon.  I get anxious about a lot of projects, but rarely do I get nervous.  I was nervous that day.

8 Canyon bunker sand replacement
While in the pro shop one morning, I was talking with annual member, Bob Martin, and he reminded me how bad the bunker sand was on 8 Canyon.  Having left over from 2 Lake, we changed the sand out and updated the drainage while we were at it.

The first Superintendent I worked for assigned me to LBA's and I looked at him like WTF.  I had no idea what he was talking about.  LBA's stand for Large Bare Areas.  While this isn't necessarily a project, you will see us doing a lot of reseeding to the LBA's this winter.

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