New Fairway Cut Lines

On Lake 4 and 9, the original approach/ fairway went from the green to the cart path that intersects the fairways.  After talking with the crew, no one with history had any recollection as to why they were converted to rough so this week we begun mowing them down again.  In a couple of months I may find out why they were converted to rough, but until I know for myself, we are giving it a go again.

After the initial cut of 3/4", it looks really neat and I can't wait to get them down to fairway height and see how they turn out.  Once they are down to fairway height, we'll poke some holes and give them a little bit of sand to start firming them up and then see how they react over the summer.

We brought the fairway closer to the bunkers for easier access!

We also brought the fairway up higher on 6 Lake to allow the ball to roll down to the green.  

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