Stoloniferous Dude

As I stated last week, I chose to do something different with the tees we rebuilt on 3 Lake, 9 Mountain and 5 Canyon last week.  Instead of using ryegrass like we typically have, we installed Tifway 2 bermuda overseeded with ryegrass.  When we rebuild the range tee, I have in mind to use this grass, but before I go and install 20,000 sq ft of sod, I want to give it a trial run on the golf course.

Overseeded bermuda on the right with ryegrass on the left

In theory, the divots should fill in faster in the summer months because bermuda grass grows very aggresively with both stolons and rhizomes (above and below ground roots respectively).  The water requirement will be much less as well which is always a plus.  We should lose some color in the winter months, but from what I understand, Tifway 2 tolerates cold weather better than most bermuda grasses.

It will be an interesting experiment to see how it reacts at Cinnabar Hills and who knows, maybe there can be some other uses on the golf course as well.

Aggressive rooting with Tifway 2 bermuda

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