Cinnabar Hills Turf Twister

This morning while making the rounds, I noticed something unusual on the 4th green of the Mountain course. From the cart path I saw a square the size of a golf flag that was off color compared to the rest of the green. Upon closer examination, I saw that it was actually an imprint of the flagstick and flag on the green.  

The morning prior, we applied wetting agent to the greens.  Wetting agents assist with both water penetration into the soil and retention once there.  When applied, they need to be followed by irrigation to be effective.  That night though the flagstick didn't make it back into the cup and where the flag was didn't receive any irrigation.  The rest of the green was looking like steamed broccoli (expected) while the area where the flagstick was had dew and looked like normal.  I don't expect anything other than interesting story to tell from this incident.
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