Witch's Brew

Aeration of the greens at Cinnabar Hills is completed now and while making my notes, it is really incredible what we both removed and added to the greens.  On average, 500,000 plugs were removed from each green which roughly equals 112 cu ft of material (thatch).  In its place, we put down sand at a rate of 14 tons per acre meaning every green got close to 2 tons.  

In addition to the sand, and what I'm most pleased about, are all the amendments we were able to get out along with the sand.  Making the list surprised me and I wanted to show everyone just what we added to what I'm going to call our witch's brew.

- Eco-lit                                 - Dry kelp meal
- Greensand                           - Composted poultry manure
- Hard rock phosphate           - Soft rock phosphate
- Humic acid                          - Fulvic acid
- Sul-Po-Mag                        - Calcium carbonate
- Potassium                            - Yucca extract

That is a quite a change from the past when we typically just added calcium carbonate and potassium, but the results are seen with a quicker recovery.  We will also see lasting benefits from these amendments for years to come.  
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