A Steaming Pile of Goodness

This week we took delivery of 45 cubic yards of compost made up from general yard waste that one our local waste management companies operates.  It has been around 7 years since I ordered compost and I forgot how lovely the aroma is.  I also forgot the steam that comes up when you dig into it.  Nothing like that fresh warm steam spilling over your face on a cold morning!

I will be using this to mix with sand to fill in a lot of large bare areas we have in the rough.  The compost will help retain water which will increase the germination rate of the seed.  In addition to making divot mix, I will also be mixing some to topdress fairways and traffic areas that we tend to have problems with.  One of the fairways we will be doing is 7 Lake fairway.  From what I have been told, during construction, the topsoil was removed from 7 Lake, but never replaced.  I hope to add some nutrient and water holding capacity to this fairway with the addition of compost.  The same theory is used for adding the compost to traffic areas.
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