October, The Hole-y Month

As we approach the end of October, we will have completed aeration on all surfaces at Cinnabar Hills.  October has got to be one the most anticipated months in my calendar.  By this time of the year, we are all just trying to hang on for a couple of more weeks and there is nothing like aeration to past the time.  

The month started out with doing both fairways and approaches.  We pulled cores that were 5/8" in diameter and we then topdressed both fairways and approaches at a rate of 12 tons per acre.  Partly filling the holes with sand  has been part of the reason why deep watering has been so successful for us.  Something different this year was that we purchased 25 tons of gypsum in pellet form and got that dragged into the holes as well.  That will help flush out any salts we have now for  when the rains come and also help with nutrient retention.  

Bulk gypsum
In the middle of the month, we were able to get in one more deep tine event on the greens.  What is amazing with the SR-54s deep tine is that it leaves the greens faster after they have been punched than before.  We actually get compliments after the deep tine event.  I know that you would think that we always get compliments after any aeration considering the cost of aeration and the long term benefits, but golfers don't like aeration for some reason.  

This week we will begin aerating the tees and to wrap up the month we will begin punching the rough.  It really is a fun time of year and not just because we are putting holes in the ground.  The planning that is involved is half the fun and when let's say your topdresser just happens to flip over, the improvising can be fun too!
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