Tonight… You are mine …Great story (Part 01)

She is, literally, breathtaking and beautifully beautiful. Her beauty isn’t restricted to her clothes that she is wearing or the figure that she is carrying, but it is in her eyes. Her eyes are the doorway to heart. Her eyes reflect her unconditional love and faith for me. She looks like an angel. I feel blessed to be so close to her and I feel blessed that it’s a snowfall outside.

My train was three-hours late, so I reached Srinagar later in the evening. The journey was long and tedious which wore out all my energy. But a sheer glimpse of her at the platform re-energized me. It was the first time when we were meeting. The platform was very crowded and everyone was in a rush like any other platform. There were thousands of eyes, but I was looking for the best of them- Shambhavi, my love.
As Facebook promises, ‘Facebook helps you connect with people in your life’, it really connected us and brought in each other’s life. The map in my cell says Patna and Srinagar are 1870 km apart, so we had never met before. Our love had started on Facebook and today we were meeting for the first time.
It was very noisy around. Everyone was greeting one another and the small vendors were shouting like hell. Trains were whistling and coolies were crying for money. Everyone in the hundreds cared about themselves only, and so did I. In smell of tea and coffee, we approached to each other. We had been planning this moment for over two months but when we actually met we were too shy for even a handshake.
She was wearing a black jeans and a black-and-white pullover, complemented by a white scarf. She had applied a thin eye-liner and her cheeks looked rosy pink. Her eye-lashes were big and body curvaceous, I scanned and concluded.
She smiled at me and shook her hand with my hand and two gloves. “Feeling cold?”, she asked me on seeing the two gloves.
“Just a lil bit”. I was too shy to talk to her. I was feeling terrible for creating an impression as I am some sort of a dumb.
“Huh! You are shivering; but don’t worry you will adapt to the winter in few minutes”
“Yeah I will”, I mumbled and cursed the temperature.
“Anyways, I’ve booked a room for you in Hotel Pleasure. Its just a walk away”.
“So, you’ll coming with me?”, I asked in surprise and simultaneously cursed myself for asking such a dumb question.
“So, you don’t want me to come with you? Who have to come to meet here? Shambhavi or some other girl?”, she asked and poked my stomach.
She was cool by now. Her poke was a hard one but my two sweaters and a jacket saved me. I wrapped my hand around her and whispered in her ears, “I have come to meet my wifey”.
She rolled her eyes and smiled at me. I smiled and whispered again, “I love you Saambha”.
“My name is Shambhavi, and not Saambha. This is not a Sholay going around here”, she corrected me and squeezed my nose.
“Huh! You have a habit of ruining my romantic mood. I call you Saambha out of love but you just hate it”, I said and acted as if I was angered. I took my arms back and looked in other direction.
My trick really worked. She walked fastly to match my steps and held my palm. I smiled and felt special. The warm touch of her palm expressed her closeness to me. It intensified the connection between us and silently said ‘I love you too Saurabh’.
We were approaching our way to the hotel, Hotel Pleasure, but she stopped me in middle and took me to a coffee shop.
“So we will having coffee here?”, I asked.
“No. It’s grocery store. Don’t you see everyone bargaining with the sellers?”, and pointed a finger to everyone who were sitting on the red-round tables and sipping coffee.
I felt stupid and decided to keep my mouth shut.  We went in and took the corner table.  We sat on the wooden chair, facing each other, but I avoided any direct eye-contact. A quote on the adjacent wall read ‘Behind every loving couple, there are innumerable cups of coffee shared’. A waiter, wearing a red jacket, came and I placed my order of two cappuccinos.
I turned to her and stole a glance of Miss Pretty. She was smiling. Her smile was reflecting that she was very much happy and satisfied to finally meet me. She was just looking at me. I was equally happy to meet her and thought it’s more stupid to be quite at such a romantic place. So I broke the silence and asked, “But we could have had coffee in my room too. No?”
“But its costlier there”.
“Ohoo my typical Indian wifey. Trying to save your hubby’s money?”, I asked mischievously and winked at her.
Her rosy pink cheeks blushed and she said. “No. Its not like that”
“So, its like what?”, I asked and teased her in her tone only.
“I thought you must be feeling cold, so this coffee will give you some warmth”, she gave the answer flat.
“But there are several other methods to give me warmth too. Should we try that?”, I joked.
She bowed her eyes and said, “I wanted to say something to you”.
We were very compatible during or chatting  but meeting her had made me some nervous. Wondering what she will say, my heartbeats grew faster. Collecting all my fluctuating confidence, I asked, “What?”
“Ney khorang chespa choat”, she said softly and bowed back with a smile.
“What’s this? Are you abusing me in you language?” I was puzzled but her eyes had already conveyed that it was something romantic. She was born in Ladakh and used to message me in Ladakhi sometimes, though I never understood those messages.
“No stupid! I am just… I am just saying… I am in love with you Saurabh” she said in a shivering voice.

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