Tonight… You are mine …Great story (Part 02)

Her words were magical like her. It stole away my nervousness and I became the Original Saurabh- the guy who never shied from anyone.
Had it not been a public place, I would surely have smooched her. We held hands and shared a romantic glance. I signalled her to let’s move out of the café and make love but she signalled back to have patience. We were not sharing any words but our eyes were talking. Our so-called ‘heart-to-heart’ was active.
Soon, we ended our coffee, paid the bills and moved out to reach the coffee shop. I was taking quick steps but she asked me to slow down.
We entered the room that she had booked for me and I was surprised.
As I unlocked the doors, a surprise welcomed me. I switched on the light and overlooked the whole room. She had decorated the whole white-room. The curtains were silk-red and the bed sheet was milky-white. A big rose-bouquet was kept beside the bed and a large hand-made card on the bed said, ‘I  LOVE YOU SAURABH’.
My mouth was wide-open as I dropped my heavy bag. “You like it?’, she asked me.
I didn’t say anything. The theme of white and red had conquered over me. I just gave her a tight hug, said, “Don’t you ever leave me Saambha. I’ll die without you my darling” and kissed her cheeks.
Her cheeks went red with blush. She closed her eyes and tightened her arms that were around me. I continued, “I always fear to loose you. I.. I.. I feel as if someday you’ll leave me and I won’t be able to stop you. I.. I feel as if I’ll loose you to someone else. This long-distance-relationship threatens me by all these thoughts. My life will be hollow Saambha. Promise me, you will never go”.
My eyes were red. I had tears of joy, accompanied by the fear of losing whatever I had in life – Shambhavi.
Shambhavi didn’t say anything and tried going off my hug. I asked her, “Hey what happened?”
She was in tears too. She sat on the bed and I sat on the floor with my head in her lap. Her fingers in my hairs and she said, “You hurt me Saurabh. You hurt me everytime” She choked and continued, “I love you a lot, and then why the hell you think that I’ll leave you? You say it every time”.
I turned my head up and was about to say something but she put her fingers on my lips. I kissed them lightly.
“No. Let me say… Why do you fear that I’ll go away with someone else? I’ll never. You are the most adorable guy in my life. I have had some past but my present is you, Saurabh”.
A tear fell on my chicks from her eyes. I hugged her waist and said, “I’m your present and your future too darling”.
She brought her lips closer to mine and kissed me. Her eyes were closed but I was just looking at her. Her complexion was pearl-white, with a slight of red. Her lips were pink as a rose. Her earrings added to her beauty. She looked nothing less than the princess of those fairy tales. I felt blessed to be so close to her and closed my eyes.
After the kiss, she asked me to have a bath. She said, “You stink. Go and have a bath. Saurabh, have you even brushed your teeth?”
“I knew you couldn’t resist kissing me, so I had brushed twice in the train” I said and winked at her.
She blushed and I went in the bathroom saying, “It would have been nicer if you too take a bath with me” and she didn’t say anything.

The bath was totally refreshing. The cramps gifted by the journey were gone; thanks to warm water and the cup of coffee. I made sure I come out of the bathroom in full clothes. Thought, we had just kissed but I made sure she didn’t face any embarrassment seeing a not-so-chiselled skeletal-kinda boy.
When I came back, I saw that she had switched off the lights and switched on the red night-bulbs. The lighting made the feel more romantic. I said whatever came in my mind, “Is it a honeymoon Saambha?
She came close to me, smelt me and said erotically, “It’s a snowfall outside and I have informed mumma that I’ll stay tonight at my friend’s residence”.
“Tonight, you are mine …”, I whispered in her ears.
The warmth created by the heaters tempted me more. She laid on the bed and so did I. There was a soft and furry blanket too. My body was over hers. I kissed her forehead and then kissed behind her ears. She brought her hands under my T-shirt and clinched her nails on my back. We smooched.
I passed my hands gently over her spines. We kissed each other’s shoulders. I passed my hands round her navels and my hands went some above. The mood was all set just when I realized that she was a little bit uncomfortable. I stopped, kissed her forehead and said softly in her ears, “I have my whole to make love to you. But now, I just want to hold you and feel you”.
“Thanks. You know me so well. You understand me”, she smiled and flashed her pearl-like beautiful teeth.
I smiled and kissed her closed eyes.
“Also, I want you to gain some strength. I don’t think that you can ‘satisfy’ me Saurabh”, she said after a deep sigh and mocked at me.
I just gave her a slight slap on her lips, kissed her again and said, “Pahle istemaal karein, phir vishwaas karein”.
She hugged me and said, “I love you so so soooo much”.
Our legs were tangled to each other and the furry blanket was over us. It was perfect – perfect love.
Now, as I look at her, I feel complete. This is the world that I want to be – forever.


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