DR Tee Days 2-4

As we approach the end of the week, we are on schedule despite a small setback on day 3.  Day's 2 and 3 were spent getting the rough grade done.  With our tee only being 100ft from front to back, we set a slope of 8 inches.  That is a little less than the 1% over 100ft that is recommended, but with all the drainage that is going in, it will be just fine.

While we were grading the tee, Scott Dickson of Parris Turf Equipment was on the range overseeding the proper (I really don't even know what the 'proper' means, but our DOG calls it that and he'll get a kick out me using that word).   They own and sell what I think may be the best seeder on the market called the Amazone GNK 20.  It's got reciprocating tines that create a chain like pattern which beats the pants off a typical seeder used on golf courses.  What else that is great about this seeder is that it leaves little to no debris and you can't see any seed meaning it is getting in where it needs to get.

Day 4 marked the beginning of the drainage which started off well by digging out the existing main drain line.  It was a different story when we got out to the lateral drain lines though.  I'm pretty sure somebody is out there laughing about how they once built a driving range tee on top of 25,000 sq ft rock.  We are lucky to get down to 18", but for this project, anything helps.  Eight of the 18 lateral lines are now cut and we hope to have the rest cut by the end of Friday.  

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