Signs of a New Year

When you wake up on the second of January and you notice about 20 new runners running around your block, you know it is a new year full of new resolutions.  While subtle, the signs of a new year are evident at Cinnabar.  

The biggest of them all is the removal of the Christmas trees and accompanying decorations.  What took two days to setup, came down in a matter of hours.  Well worth it though and we hope you were able to enjoy our decorations as much as we do putting them up. 

If you poke around the offices, all the new wall calendars are up and I really take a lot of pride in my wall calendar.  It is what I use to plan out the entire year of fertilizer and pesticide applications and subsequently what I use to budget the entire maintenance budget.  The planning begins with the two weeks of the year we are scheduled to aerate and everything is worked around those events.  It becomes a chess match moving pieces or applications around and finally you have to know when to stop tinkering.  One of these years, I will begin a pool with my assistants and do an over/ under as to when we will deviate from the plan.  

Did you think I'd give you a clear plan as to what I'm doing?
While I haven't set any hardcore resolutions like I normally do, I have/ will be asking myself daily what I have done today to make myself and the course better.  With that, it is time for me to go grab a green smoothie and adjust some irrigation heads!

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