New Range Tee System

After the range project was completed and prior to opening, I thought that we needed to develop a system for moving the ropes on the range.  Our range is tricky in that it needs to be set at proper angles to avoid, or at least try to avoid, hitting balls towards 9 Mountain.  It is also very small considering we accommodate over 70k rounds per year and the tee is only 21,000 square feet.  Previously, we would rotate through the tee in only 4 weeks leaving a lot of gaps between divots.  Luckily we do have  mats in the back and we utilized them Monday through Wednesday.  

 What we have now is a series of dots on the tee marked off every three feet on the left, middle, and right side.  They were all measured off the back line with the proper angle set.  Starting in the back, we would put the first day on the range on marks 1 & 3 leaving a 6ft teeing area.  The next day, we put the ropes on marks 2 & 4 effectively splitting the previous days worth of divots with the back rope.  

With this system in place, we made it 7 weeks and a day before we utilized the entire tee!  What this means for us now is that we will be on the grass tee from Wednesday through Sunday until winter comes.  
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