Winter Green on the Range

As some of you may have seen, the range has taken on a rather odd color compared to the summer; It's green.  It's actually green both in color and grass variety.  I chose to seed the range to rye grass and dutch white clover with a ratio of 94% to 6% respectively.  Why dutch white clover?  Clover requires very little water, no nitrogen and no herbicides.  Clover actually use to be in a lot of the seed mixes until Scott's company or whomever came out with the Weed n' Feed fertilizer's.  The reason we had to seed the range was to stabilize the hill during the winter months and prevent the range from becoming a quagmire as to allow for ball picking.

Range in August
Range as of 11/20/14

While there is some clover coming in now, I do expect more to show through in the spring and summer of 2015 as Mother nature cuts back on the moisture and the rye grass dies back.
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