Addition by Subtraction

Over the past week and a half the maintenance team at Cinnabar Hills Golf Club rebuilt the bunkers on 4 lake green complex.  As the project came to completion, I was reminded that these were the first bunkers I rebuilt, or first project for that matter, at Cinnabar Hills Golf Club nearly 10 years ago.  The process has certainly evolved from how we did it ten years ago and the results will show better draining bunkers and healthier bunker edges. 

As to the title of this post, the bunker complex as it stood three weeks ago was one of my favorites on the course, but it was one of the most difficult as well.  It had a 30 yd bunker shot from the first bunker and an 8ft out from the second bunker.  We removed the first bunker and in its place we left a shallow grass hollow.  We also raised the floor of the second bunker  18” making your out much less intimidating, but still challenging. 

The bunker complex can still be enjoyed aesthetically while now being much more player “friendly”.      
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