Sophie the Cat

It seems that Superintendents are known for their love of dogs.  I'm not a dog lover.  I'm not really a fan of cats either, but I find myself with a young kitten that I'm bending over backwards for.  We got Sophie from a women who finds homes for barn cats.  All we need is a mice catcher here.  We got Sophie almost 8 weeks ago and she is just now becoming comfortable with my office.  I have a hole in the ceiling tiles above my office and as soon as she discovered that area, I haven't seen much of her.  I'd try and lure her down with treats and fresh water, but she'd never come down during the day.  One day I had forgetten something in my office after the crew had left and walked in on Sophie sitting in my chair.  We both stared at each other and she then bolted.

I have to say it's kind of fun having her here and getting her comfortable.  She may not chase any geese or lick me when I'm down, but there aren't any mice in my office!
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