57 Shades of Green

Unless you are playing at Augusta or some other ultra high end course, you are going to see multiple shades of green on a course.  In the superintendent world, we call this the Heinz 57 blend when we are referring to fairways, roughs, and tees.  As Cinnabar ages, we certainly have our version of Heinz 57.  Predominantly you'll see dark green and that is the ryegrass; the desired species here.  We also have bermudagrass, bentgrass, dallis grass, Poa annua, kikuya grass, crab grass, and goose grass.  Of all the grasses listed, we currently trying to selectively kill all of them other than ryegrass in the fairways and bentgrass in the greens.  Unfortunately I've succeeded at killing those too at times.  

Yellowing grass is kikuya grass, silver green is bentgass, dark green is rye 

Silvery green bentgrass and yellow dying Poa annua
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