How Wet Is It?

2 Canyon muddy brown from all the
run off
Wet to quite wet?  That's a really hard question to answer.  Almost equivalent to asking me what the green speed is.  If I tell you the green speed is 13', how far are you going to pull the putter back on a 20' putt on number 9 of the mountain.  It depends right?

Over a 10 day period we got 11.8" or rain.  That's the most I've ever recorded in such a span.  So is it wet out there? Absolutely.  Could it be worse?  Absolutely.  Of the few golfers we had this week, the shots I saw didn't plug in the fairways, but they didn't roll out either.  I'm sure some plugged, but that's what winter rules are for.  With the greens being sand based, they never missed a beat.  They still roll great and now accept both good and bad shots.  

We are lucky to  have a lot of surface drainage on the property so the heavy rain just runs off to drains, ponds or creeks.  We are also lucky to have aerified and cored the golf course as many times as we did which increases our infiltration rate and gets the water off of the surface.  We will 'vent' the greens this upcoming Tuesday prior to the next storm to help take as much rain as Mother Earth gives us.  If we have a dry spell following next weeks rain, we may 'vent' the greens again to allow them to dry out quicker.  Who said holes in a green are a bad thing?

So how wet is it?  I still don't know the best way to answer it.  Come on out and determine your point of relativity.   
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